St Martin’s Multi Academy Trust

An Integrated Model

St Martin’s Multi Academy Trust


St Martin’s Trust helps schools by focusing on better teaching (Educational Excellence) and managing operations (Operational Excellence). We work in partnership with school leaders to improve teaching and learning, ensuring children get a high quality education. At the same time, our robust management of business and operations, covering safeguarding, finance, human resources, estate management, and governance, ensures smooth and compliant school operations.  This two-part approach significantly increases the likelihood that our pupils will excel while ensuring that all other aspects are effectively managed. 

Our approach to school improvement is nuanced to appreciate the unique journey each school undertakes from stabilisation to sustained success. This philosophy, as well as the input from school leaders, informs the assistance we provide, ensuring it’s both relevant and responsive.   

At St Martin’s Trust, we use proven, standard strategies to help schools improve. However, we tailor these methods to fit each school’s unique needs. This means we adjust our support to what each school specifically needs, ensuring our help is effective and relevant. 

Educational Excellence

Educational Excellence at St Martin’s Trust is about enhancing teaching and learning standards. It promotes exemplary teaching through deep understanding of pedagogy, structured curriculum planning, and supportive learning environments. The focus is on evidence-based improvement, personalised teaching strategies, and comprehensive assessment to tailor education to individual student needs, facilitating progress from initial stabilisation to long-term success within a growth-oriented culture. 

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence at St Martin’s Trust ensures schools function smoothly, focusing on key areas like safeguarding, compliance, finance, health and safety, and estate management. This framework allows school leaders to concentrate on educational quality, providing a stable and safe environment conducive to academic success and operational efficiency. 

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