St Martin’s Multi Academy Trust

Operational Excellence

St Martin’s Multi Academy Trust


Operational Excellence within St Martin’s Trust ensures that our schools operate effectively, allowing leaders to focus on educational success. We provide comprehensive support in key operational areas, safeguarding the well-being of our school communities and maintaining high standards of compliance and financial management. 

The concept is to take the burden off school leaders so that they can focus on school improvement, the quality of teaching and safeguarding. A dedicated team in the Trust keeps school leaders safe.


We prioritise the safety and well-being of every child, implementing robust measures to protect and support them within a secure learning environment. The Trust team takes care of regular audits and ensures training for staff is up to date. 


Our team ensures that all legal and educational standards are met, maintaining an up-to-date framework that aligns with current regulations and best practices for all areas, including governance. 


We support the school leaders to manage financial resources efficiently, ensuring sustainability and transparency in budgeting and spending, supporting the educational goals of the schools. 

Health and Safety

Our proactive approach to health and safety minimises risks, creating a safe educational setting for pupils and staff. 


We oversee the maintenance and development of school facilities, ensuring they are safe conducive to learning and meet the needs of our school communities. 

Service Level Agreements

The Trust team facilitates the decision-making process for essential services like IT support, grounds maintenance, and catering through tailored Service Level Agreements, ensuring schools receive the best value and suitable services.

Collaboration with the Trust Team

For example, school leaders work with the team to set budgets and monitor spending, but do not get dragged into the detail of budget returns and reporting. Likewise, the Trust team take the lead on compliance and risk management in a range of areas including estates and data protection. 

Website compliance and policy updates are carried out by the Trust team so that school leaders can focus on the content of the website and the celebratory aspect of the external face of their school.  

Processes to ensure due diligence, probity and regularity are carried out centrally to empower school staff to focus on teaching and school improvement, as well as to put energy into the development of the individual identity of their school.  

Essentially, school leaders can focus on what matters most: to continually improve teaching in their schools so that their children can thrive. 

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